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Hartke HyDrive 5410 Bass Combo Amp (500 Watts)
Electro-Harmonix soul-preacher pedal;
Blackstar Amp HT- 1;
Ampeg Bass Amp 800 Watts
Morley Pro Series II Dist Wah Vol (Made in USA);
MXR Fullbore Metal;
Marshall MG Carbon Fiber Series (New Model)
Blackstar Amp HT- Metal 5;
MXR Pedals for guitar;
Blackstar Amp HT-5R
MXR Dime Distortion ;
Blackstar HT-Club 40;
Peavey Amp Vypyr Vip Series
T-Rex (http://www.t-rex-effects.com);
Marshall MG 30CFX
Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal;
Line 6 Floor POD Plus;
Line 6 POD XT Live Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
Line 6 POD HD 500;
LINE 6 POD 2.0;
Ibanez MIMX150H Pro Amp
Marshall Lead Amp MG 100HCFX with Cabinet;
Ibanez Tone Blaster 100R Guitar Amp
Marshall Lead Amp JVM 410 with 1960 cabinet (Made in UK);
Hartke VX 3500 Bass Amp;
Hartke VX 2510 Bass Amp
Blackstar ID-15 TVP;
tc-electronic pedals;
Morley Pedal Wah Steve Vai - 2 (Made in USA)
Morley Optical Vol (Made in USA);
Blackstar HT- Club 50;
T-Rex (http://www.t-rex-effects.com)
NUX MG-100;
Line 6 POD HD 400 Guitar Effects ;
NUX Multi Effect MG-20
Ampeg Bass Amp BA-110V2;
Hartke Combo Bass Amp HD-25;
Blackstar Amp ID:Core Series
Blackstar Amp HT-Club 50 Head + Cab;
Electro-Harmonix Germanium Big Muff Pedal;
Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain Pedal
NUX Loop Core Pedal;
NUX Guitar Amp;
NUX Strum Tuner Pedal
tc electronics poly tune 2 pedal;
tc electronics Flashback pedal;
tc electronics The Dreamscape pedal
tc electronics Ditto Looper Pedal;
tc electronics Hall of Fame pedal;
tc helicon Mic Mechanic for Vocal
tc helicon Harmony Singer;
Blackstar HT-Metal 100 Head;
Blackstar LT-Metal Pedal
Ampeg Bass Amp Micro Series;
Ampeg Bass Amp 350 & 500 Watts;
Welcome to WORLD MUSIC - The largest musical instruments retailer in Bangladesh


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